We are extremely proud of the record of success we have had with our students in the Rivertowns. We will provide additional contact details for these and other references upon request. Here are just a few recent Testimonials:

"In one year, my daughter has gone from a struggling math student to one who is capable of getting A on every test she takes. Gone are the tear-filled homework sessions where both of us struggled to find a way for her to learn. Instead, thanks to ACE Math and Andrew Cursio, my daughter now has the confidence and tools she needs to succeed. Not only does she no longer complain that she hates math, it has become one of her favorite subjects! Andrew is a terrific teacher and a lot of fun."

Barbara Barker


Email: [email protected]

My daughter began tutoring with ACE Math and Andrew Cursio a couple of years ago. She has been transformed from a struggling math student to a confident and successful math student. More importantly, she has gone from hating math to really enjoying math. She is entering into the 8th grade and has qualified for accelerated math. This is largely due to the time she has spent with Andrew. He makes math fun, helps her truly understand it and most importantly he is able to connect to her and she adores him! She looks forward to her sessions with him and has come to feel confident that with Andrew she will figure it all out. Thank you Andrew! We look forward to another successful and fun year of math!!

Jodee Davis, PhD

Email: [email protected]

My daughter Angelique struggled with Geometry in her sophomore year. We realize we needed extra help when she attended tutoring offered by her school and the grades were not improving. Thanks to a friend who recommended Mr. Cursio, within three months of attending ACE Math, Angelique was confident and excited about being able to participate in class. Not only did she pass her geometry class, Angelique passed her Regents exam with a grade in the mid 80's. I would not hesitate to send my daughter for tutoring with Mr. Cursio any day. Thank you so much.

Roselen Quinones, High School Parent

My 10 year old son loves math, but he could not show his work or perform consistently in 5th grade. In just a few weeks after starting tutoring with Mr. Cursio, Alex's confidence came back and his grades improved. Just to see his smile and enthusiasm after the tutoring sessions was awesome! He was able to perform up to his teacher's expectations and, most importantly, he gained his confidence back and was proud to show this thinking process. Mr. Cursio is a magician as much as a wonderful teacher! I would highly recommend his tutoring classes to all struggling math students.

Thank you Andrew, Paola Carugno

"We couldn't have asked for more. Our daughter after starting off what seemed to be strong in elementary school was struggling in math by 5th grade and had been placed in an extra help class for math and additionally was going for after school help to keep up. We decided that she was still struggling and frustrated and we needed to do something more to help her. ACE MATH with Andrew Cursio was perfect for her. She felt comfortable from the start and the ACE classes were tailored to keep her interested while still getting her the skills she needed to move forward. We never had any issues with her in terms of not wanting to attend the classes and she developed a confidence in her abilities that was more than we or she were ever expecting. She is now an A student in math through 6th and 7th grade and has been placed in the accelerated program entering 8th grade. 

Thanks, Mike S., Middle School Parent

"My daughter began to hate math in middle school-- the homework was often a nightmare because she didn't understand it and many math tests ended in tears. Andrew Cursio and ACE Math changed my daughter's entire outlook on math because he explained math concepts in a clear and understandable way while keeping it fun. He also was able to pinpoint what her strengths were so that she gained confidence allowing her to focus on her weaknesses. My daughter no longer dreads math class or taking math tests because she knows that with Andrew's help she will do well-- her final grade for math this past year was a 95. I can not emphasize enough that he makes the tutoring session enjoyable so that my daughter looks forward to going each week."

Thanks, Mike S., Middle School Parent

Ace Math greatly helped my daughter with Algebra and Geometry over the last two years. The smaller class size and more engaging teaching style helped her focus better and understand the material more fully. Amazingly, she did not complain about going to the classes - she found them helpful, was not bored, and felt successful! We plan to continue next year and to have our younger daughter start the classes too.

Thank you so much, Susanne McIntyre, High School Parent

"We are so glad that we made the choice to send our son to ACE Math Tutoring for two sessions. It gave him the confidence in math to challenge himself and the tools to problem solve on his own. Andrew makes the classes fun with different incentives so my son was always excited to go and learn. It was an investment that because it builds on confidence, I believe, will help him achieve more in all subjects."

Thank you, Naomi O., Middle School Parent

"My son has a learning difference that impacts his language processing and naturally hinders his "getting" algebra and geometry. He has been working with Andrew Cursio for three years and, honestly, I do not think he would have made it through the high school math sequence without the support of this remarkable and sensitive teacher. Mr. Cursio kept my son engaged and challenged and helped so in building the much needed confidence in his own ability to do the task at hand. We were fortunate in having discovered ACE Math and grateful that Mr. Cursio made room for my young man semester after semester, year after year. 

Sincere thanks, Meg Bussert, High School Parent

"I began having trouble with math when I came into high school. I have worked with Mr. C. for quite awhile. He knows what to do to get me to understand and he also knows what to do to get me to work! He makes it very fun and it helps that he loves baseball and sports too. I enjoy all computer interaction and the cool websites that Mr. Cursio uses for math games and puzzles. I never mind going unless it interferes with a baseball game!

Thanks so much Mr. Cursio. Nick Grasso, High School Student

My 6th and 4th graders, not shabby in math, but still unsure of some operations and concepts (long division, anyone?), benefited greatly from their time with Andrew Cursio at ACE Math. The 6th grader, for example, was delighted to learn the "concept of threes," which somehow, his school classes had missed. My 4th grader solidified her automaticity on multiplication tables using ACE Math's ingenious methods. She also delved into Pre-Algebra work, and proudly told me she had performed math at the sixth-grade level. Both enjoyed the sessions very much. I feel they received a boost in their confidence. Thank you Andrew!

Maria S, Hastings-on-Hudson, Middle School Parent.

GUARANTEE: If your child's performance does not improve, your child will be asked to attend additional classes at NO extra charge. Our goal is your child's performance!

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